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LED IN-CASE STRIP LIGHT - 2170 lumens per meter! Priced by the foot.

$ 32.50

This custom-designed, low-profile in-case LED strip has 2170 lumens per meter and feature over 25 high-output LEDs per foot. That's more than 100 LEDs in a four foot case. In gold or silver and in lengths of 7.5cm,15cm, 25cm, 50cm and 75cm. They plug in one to the next and fit any size and shape case. Save electricity and heat. No bulb replacement. Do one case at a time or the whole store at prices much lower than you think. All inclusive pricing.


PLEASE NOTE:   Prices on the LED strips are based on a rate of $35 per foot and includes the driver, connectors and all accessories.   Please call us for detailed pricing on the precise length you require.  Check out the LED Showcase parts list and the instructions to install these light strips.


We have the following drivers for LED in-case strip lights:   Mean Well 60W, Lightech 100W, and Magnitude 200W and higher.  Individual drivers are available for sale.  Please call for pricing.