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Welcome to Sternlite

At Sternlite Corp., we take pride in helping you present your products in the best possible light - pun intended. We help create lighting displays that are specific to the products you sell - custom solutions to fit your needs.  At Sternlite, we take pride in only selling you what you need and nothing more.  Always at the lowest prices. 
We continuously adding products to our website.  If there is something you need and you don't see it here, just give us a call at 1-800-221-9392 or 305-259-6066.  

Lighting News

Check out some of our best-selling products.  
Our newest addition is the 18-LED 20-W Par 38 lamp.  This PAR 38 uses 18 low-powered, highly-efficient Osram LEDs. They create more sparkle than a traditional 12-LED PAR 38 and they run so cool that no fan is needed (for heat dissipation).

Almost 50 percent brighter than a halogen 90 PAR 38 at one fifth the wattage.
Take a look at the 48-LED 60-W PAR 38 lamp.  It's even brighter than a 100 W Metal Halide and has 48-Osram LEDs for spectacular sparkle.  It's priced right, too at just $90.
The 30 Watt Par 30 LED is our most efficient lamp. With only 30W, it's almost as bright as the 45W (around 2700 lumens) and uses the same 36 Osram chips as the 45W. It's a sealed unit; no fan.
Take a look at the 36-LED 45-W PAR 30 long neck.  A full 3,000 lumens. There is even more sparkle with 36 LEDs and by using more, lower-powered chips, reliability is increased.
The 45 W is the same price as the 32 W.  Great bargain that will make your products sparkle.
HALOGEN CLOSEOUTS!  Check out these products.  Call for best pricing.  
300T3 118MM 130V
500T3 118MM 130V 
1000T3 254MM 220/240
1000T3 254MM 130V
1500T3 254MM 220/240
1500T3 254MM 277V
1500T3 254MM 208V