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About Us

Sternlite Corp has been creating custom lighting display solutions since 1996.  We will help you find the best way to illuminate your products. Showcase lighting, track lighting, lamps of virtually every type in all wattages and sizes and more.  Just email us and we'll get back to you with a quote.

We understand that you can buy from anyone.  So we pay extra attention to offering high quality products at prices lower than our competition. We think smart (such as our custom 12 x 1W 12V solution) and take care of our customers.

Our guiding philosophy is to help customers figure out their needs and then provide them with quality products. Many companies work the opposite way – figure out how much they can sell the customer, whether they need it or not. At Sternlite, the customer comes first and you’ll get only what you need. After all, if you get what you need – not what someone wants to sell you – then you’re happy – and so are we.



No matter what your business is, we have the lighting solutions that will help you display your products beautifully.

Sternlite has been under the same ownership in the same location since 1996. Our customers are very important to us. We have been told, “there is no one out there who takes care of customers the way you do.”
We have a hands-on approach. Once we learn what your specific needs are, we insure our manufacturer supplies the products that will work best.

In addition to LED lights, we manufacture both halogen showcase strips and 12V track fixtures.
We also stand behind our products, actually performing repairs when need be.